Walnut Creek, Austin, TX

This playground is four miles from our home office. We simply weren't going to let this one go to the competition.

3D production and visualization: Kevin Burgess

Phelps Playground, Winter Park, FL

This animation was created as part of a bid package to compete against several other manufacturers. Feedback from the sales force was extremely positive as they felt all of the selling features were highlighted well.

3D production & visualization: Michelle Carpenter, Mitch Murphy, Brent Steinberg

Pre-Sales Support: Animation

(Click on the image to see the Youtube video)

Six manufacturers competed for this project and after six months of proposals and revisions, the customer chose two finalists.

How do we beat the other guy? By listening to what they said they want: lots of play value, tall and distinctive structures and difficult challenges.

We created this animation in 9 business days and told a story uniquely crafted to what the customer wanted. This tilted the final competition in our favor and we won the $1M project.

3D Visualization & Animation: Mitch Murphy

Landscape Architect: Simone Riedl

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