Fake Video Games

Our client wanted to avoid paying the expensive licensing fees to display real video games on their monitors. So I proposed we create a fake video game. We started with Monk Madness and over the course of 18 months, made four projects to fill this niche. Client reports that 1000s of emails were received from customers wondering where they can buy these games!
Scenes created and animated in Maya. Rendered using VRay and SFX composited in After Effects. Audio tracks were custom made in combination with library sound FX.

My role: I proposed the ideas then formally pitched them to HP. I then authored the SOWs, got the contracts approved and produced each project. I also produced all the cut-downs and derivative renders for mobile. Followed up with exceptional customer service.

Product Animation for Web & Mobile

Usually 45 second long sizzle videos that help launch a new product. I was responsible for the entire lifecycle of these projects. From authoring the Scope of Work, negotiating contracts, staffing, projecting timelines, licensing music/video/images and shepherding the project through feedback and revisions. Also made scripts and produced cut-downs.

My role: I produced dozens of videos like this over two years. Authored SOWs, pitched to clients, produced and project managed production. Followed up with exceptional customer service.

See Before You Buy!

Before spending $1.5M on a playground, it's helpful to visualize what exactly that money is going to buy. Pre-sales animations help close the deal. In many cases, it causes the buyer to ignore the competition completely because the competition doesn't have a design team that can provide this level of visualization.
Scenes created and animated in 3DS Max. Rendered with VRay. Composited in After Effects

My role: I designed the production pipeline and got the budget to staff, buy machines and software, build renderfarms and scale up from 2 designers to a peak of 16 designers. I managed the team and responded to the needs of the sales force for North America. This 3D pipeline was eventually adopted for all other markets worldwide.

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