Augmented Reality for Print

Our customers routinely have questions about how the products work, what the play value is and how many kids can they fit on the products at the same time.

We created an AR tool that salespeople can use as a leave behind. They email the application to the customer. Then, while they're talking to them, open it up and show them how to use it. The images that trigger the AR are in the catalog and can make for a fun experience discovering new animations while they're browsing our products.

So far the response from the field has been enormous! There's a big demand for this kind of tech for many different industries.

click to launch the Youtube video

Color choices, pricing and technical details are also embedded in UI screens.

It's not possible to see inside the equipment through our print catalog....but now customers can do that with a button click.

Showing the scale and how many kids can use our equipment is important to our customers.

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