Product Rendering

International brand experience making sure all the features of a product are displayed to full effect.

For HP and Microsoft, I was client facing and pitched many ideas/solutions. For KOMPAN, I led the internal design team and met with sales directors every day to establish priorities while keeping production efficient. For Nike I was a production vendor.


Hewlett Packard


KOMPAN Playgrounds



Microsoft Stores

I created animations that rendered at 40,000 pixels wide. Then chopped them up into sizes that can be run on the MS Stores immensely wide video screens


We won a Silverscreen award for the Titanfall project. Click on this link for more details

Halo - Master Chief

Sunset Overdrive


Immersive Experience

150 foot long video wall with sections seamlessly built in so gamers could play Titanfall. Speakers in the ceiling pumped FX and music in sync with what is happening onscreen.
It was a first-of-its kind retail experience that garnered a lot of press and attention. Titanfall sold more than a million copies at launch.

Video at left created by one of the Sr. Designers, Ryan Boyle



Nike Football Gloves

Nike College Jerseys

Nike Football Cleats & Socks

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